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GSA Auto SoftSubmit 7.82
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GSA Auto SoftSubmit 7.82

Language:Arabic, English, German
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Publisher's Description:

GSA Auto SoftSubmit - The GSA Auto SoftSubmit is a program designed to submit your software to thousands of web pages. Save a lot of time and money as its fully automated. Advertising your product has never been easier. Load a PAD file and let the program do the rest. The program will get updated almost twice a every week to make sure all included providers (over 150000 and growing) still work. There are a lot of shareware and freeware sites. Is your tool listed there? This program make sure it is listed and submits your software any site there is. But why is it important to have your software shown there? Not only that more customers will find and purchase your software, but also your ranking in the search engines will dramatically increase since many of the sites have a back link to your web site.

List of Changes:

Version 7.82 from 2012-09-21

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Version 7.78 from 2012-07-05

two new captcha providers added

Version 7.77 from 2012-06-29

sites updated, 2 new captcha systems added

Version 7.75 from 2012-05-11

sites updated, new captcha services added, captcha sniper support, captcha infinity support

Version 7.74 from 2012-04-27

gui updated

Version 7.73 from 2012-04-20

providers updated

Version 7.72 from 2012-04-08

captcha service updated

Version 7.71 from 2012-04-02

death by captcha fixed

Version 7.70 from 2012-03-30

death by captcha updated

Version 7.69 from 2012-03-29

about 500 new sites added but also alot not working removed

Version 7.67 from 2012-03-14

memory exception bug fixed

Version 7.66 from 2012-03-13

pop3 issue fixed

Version 7.60 from 2012-02-27

bug fixed

Version 7.59 from 2012-02-21

minor bug fix

Version 7.55 from 2012-02-17

bugs fixed

Version 7.51 from 2012-02-12

sites updated

Version 7.48 from 2012-02-09

minor bugs fixed

Version 7.47 from 2012-02-08

minor bug fixed

Version 7.46 from 2012-02-02

sites updated, some new added

Version 7.45 from 2012-01-25

captchasniper support

Version 7.44 from 2012-01-13

submission sites updated

Version 7.43 from 2012-01-11

reciprocal link manager bug fixed

Version 7.42 from 2012-01-06

bug in private proxy testing fixed

Version 7.41 from 2011-12-27

fixed decapther

Version 7.40 from 2011-12-20

new website submission sites

Version 7.39 from 2011-12-07

minor bug in captcha system fixed

Version 7.38 from 2011-12-05

new category system

Version 7.36 from 2011-12-02

startup bug fixed

Version 7.35 from 2011-12-01

possible memory bug fixed

Version 7.34 from 2011-11-14

updated submission sites

Version 7.33 from 2011-10-27

more submission sites added

Version 7.31 from 2011-10-10

new functions, a lot providers fixed, speed improved, memory usage lowered

Version 7.30 from 2011-09-30

fixed a bug in category system, almost 1000 new directories added (most french and romanian)

Version 7.29 from 2011-09-27

improved link validation, added a lot new software archive sites and directories

Version 7.28 from 2011-09-05

about 500 new sites added, some removed, 2 bugs fixed (none critical)

Version 7.27 from 2011-08-17

fixed a lot not working submission sites, added a lot new directories, deleted some article sites

Version 7.17 from 2011-05-20

600 new sites added, bug in proxy searcher fixed, random proxy usage improved

Version 7.16 from 2011-05-11

300 new sites added, new options for email link parsing, bug fix in smtp server setup

Version 7.15 from 2011-05-05

400 new sites added

Version 7.13 from 2011-04-15

500 new sites added, improved gui, spin syntax checker

Version 7.11 from 2011-04-07

improved captcha system, added many new providers, category system improved

Version 7.09 from 2011-03-23

ability to use profiles, about 2000 new sites added

Version 7.08 from 2011-03-14

improved config dialog, added about 300 new sites, deleted some none working

Version 7.05 from 2011-03-01

many new sites added, better cookie handling

Version 7.03 from 2011-02-08

100 new software archives added, 200+ directory sites added

Version 7.02 from 2011-01-19

added new report format, new providers added, image submission improved

Version 7.01 from 2011-01-07

reciprocal link manager fixed

Version 7.00 from 2011-01-04

added many new providers, email verification improved

Version 6.99 from 2010-12-10

ability to use more than one proxies, auto search for free new proxies

Version 6.98 from 2010-11-26

new linkreport tool, new reciprocal link manager

Version 6.92 from 2010-10-19

fixes some small bugs in pad editor gui

Version 6.90 from 2010-10-11

added about 500 new directories and software archive sites, less memory usage

Version 6.89 from 2010-09-20

added about 200 new directories and software archive sites, improved speed again

Version 6.87 from 2010-09-07

added about 500 new directories and software archive sites, a bit work on gui, improved speed

Version 6.85 from 2010-08-19

ability to submit to blog-ping sites

Version 6.84 from 2010-08-17

minor speel bugs fixed, some gui bugs fixed, about 250 submission sites added

Version 6.81 from 2010-07-21

ability to use different description-sets for directory submissions instead of the default pad content

Version 6.80 from 2010-07-06

new option in selection tool, bug in email parser fixed, about 300 new sites added

Version 6.79 from 2010-07-02

alot minor bugs fixed

Version 6.77 from 2010-06-02

backlink creation improved

Version 6.59 from 2010-01-28

minor speed improvements, providers fixed

Version 6.58 from 2010-01-26

fixed minor bugs in category system, services api improved

Version 6.57 from 2010-01-15

fixed a minor bug with base-urls in form-extraction

Version 6.55 from 2010-01-04

previous submission results get loaded faster, added new submission sites

Version 6.51 from 2009-12-10

loading time decreased, mutch faster, about 300 new sites added, gui improved

Version 6.50 from 2009-11-27

fixed problems with none 96dpi resolutions

Version 6.48 from 2009-11-25

update bug fixed, screenshots of providers will get loaded dynamically, added many software and press release sites

Version 6.45 from 2009-11-12

fixed one 302 bug in submission

Version 6.44 from 2009-10-23

many new submission sites added (many directories, a lot software and press sites and some search engines)

Version 6.43 from 2009-10-09

speed improved, providers fixed

Version 6.39 from 2009-09-02

fixed minor bugs, added the third captcha service (

Version 6.38 from 2009-08-31

added the third captcha service (

Version 6.36 from 2009-08-21

added more than 1000 new submission sites, fixed one bug with web form extraction

Version 6.35 from 2009-08-06

again a lot useless providers removed, sort functions improved

Version 6.34 from 2009-07-24

minor bugs fixed, many more software sites added, a lot directories removed

Version 6.33 from 2009-07-17

improved manual submission, speed improved, new submission sites added, win7 bugs fixed

Version 6.32 from 2009-07-03

added DeCaptcher as external captcher analyzer, improved speed for press and directory submission, new providers added

Version 6.30 from 2009-06-18

fixed a minor bug in url parsing

Version 6.29 from 2009-06-09

improved submission speed

Version 6.28 from 2009-06-05

fixed a minor bug in pad editor, categories fixed

Version 6.27 from 2009-06-03

copartible to pad 3.10 specification, added some improves to selection tool

Version 6.25 from 2009-05-19

about 200 new sites added and some not working cleared, fixed a small bug in sellection tool

Version 6.24 from 2009-05-13

minor bug fixes in image code submission, big cleanup of not working directories

Version 6.22 from 2009-05-06

some major bugs fixed, ssl support improved, many new sites added

Version 6.20 from 2009-04-28

minor bugs fixed, alot new submission sites added

Version 6.19 from 2009-04-24

external captcha analysis improved, added about 300 new providers

Version 6.18 from 2009-04-20

external captcha analysis as service

Version 6.17 from 2009-04-16

category system is much faster now, big cleanup of not working sites

Version 6.16 from 2009-04-09

ability to use special tags in article and press release submission to create a new content for each submission

Version 6.15 from 2009-03-31

language problems fixed

Version 6.14 from 2009-03-24

improved submission engine, alot new search engines added

Version 6.13 from 2009-03-18

alot useless providers removed, some new software submission sites added, one bug fixed in html engine

Version 6.12 from 2009-03-09

just providers updated

Version 6.11 from 2009-03-04

submission speed improved

Version 6.10 from 2009-03-02

improved submission for fast changing sites

Version 6.06 from 2009-02-25

improved pad editor

Version 6.05 from 2009-02-16

category system improved

Version 6.04 from 2009-02-13

more category sorting options

Version 6.02 from 2009-02-06

minor bug in captcha analysis fixed

Version 6.01 from 2009-02-03

captcha analysis improved

Version 6.00 from 2009-01-30

much faster captcha analysis

Version 5.96 from 2009-01-19

updated provider message strings

Version 5.95 from 2009-01-16

bug with captcha input fixed

Version 5.94 from 2009-01-09

fixed captcha input from yesterdays build, speed improved, about 1100 new providers added

Version 5.91 from 2008-12-16

speed improved

Version 5.90 from 2008-12-10

implented PADMaps, improved gui, added/fixed providers

Version 5.89 from 2008-12-02

again captcha analysis improved, two critical bugs fixed, new providers added

Version 5.87 from 2008-11-25

captcha analysis improved, cookie handling improved

Version 5.86 from 2008-11-18

improved captcha analysis, added more than 500 new submission sites

Version 5.84 from 2008-11-06

improved speed, fixed a lot minor bugs, added new shareware sites and press sites

Version 5.83 from 2008-10-24

fixed providers

Version 5.81 from 2008-10-20

fixed again some smaller bugs (related to gui and tools)

Version 5.80 from 2008-10-17

fixed a lot smaller bugs (related to gui and tools)

Version 5.79 from 2008-10-15

fixed a category bug

Version 5.74 from 2008-10-08

fixed only minor bugs

Version 5.73 from 2008-10-02

fixed minor bugs and added a lot new software sites (about 200) and directories (about 100)

Version 5.71 from 2008-08-28

fixed bugs with article submission, alot new submission sites added

Version 5.70 from 2008-08-19

fixed some minor bugs, submission speed increased again

Version 5.69 from 2008-08-14

fixed an encoding bug for websubmission

Version 5.67 from 2008-08-05

submission site database updated, better compression of data files

Version 5.66 from 2008-08-01

again speed increased, alot useless providers removed and some new added

Version 5.65 from 2008-07-25

improved speed in category system and submission

Version 5.64 from 2008-07-21

added about 100 new sites and clear some out, improved internal code and got again a bit faster


Automatic Software PAD submission

Download Now
File Size: 24.2 Mb
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Latest User Reviews:

Rbt1962 2009-07-15 04:22:08 #
Version: 6.32

The GSA Suto Submitt is one, if not the best, programs avaiable to us marketers on the web. I haven't had the chance to put it through it's entire potiential yet but it does leave a very good 1st impression.


Larson66 2008-05-07 14:11:07 #
Version: 5.64

GSA Auto SoftSubmit is AMAZING!

I am very pleased with this little application. The power is simply incredible. It has saved me hundreds of hours, helped me reach sites I never knew existed and helped increase my traffic and purchases 100% so far. Thank you for this marvelous tool!

BattleBall 2007-08-31 22:28:29 #
Version: 5.64

good time saver

saved me lots of time and allowed me to list on foreign language sites!

Download Now
File Size: 24.2 Mb
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